Monday, 14 March 2011

CD Cover Front 3

After my feedback from my last CD cover stated that the layout wasa bit too unconventional, I decided to rearrange my CD cover again.


Amy Pass- I like this CD cover, however I feel that the gap below your 'Lady GaGa' text is too big, so I would consider bring your text down a little, or alternatively putting something there.

Alex Machin- I would consider trying 'Boys Boys Boys' across the bottom now that your text displaying your artists name is smaller, as it may look it proportion

Rachel Hilton- I think that your artists name is too far in the corner, I feel that it is too close to the edge and too high. I would bring it in a little more and move it down to make your CD cover appear more full.

Sarah Hall- I do like the CD cover, however I would experiment by moving your text anlong the bottom and I would also consider filling some of the gaps in the background.

I will take into account this feedback and make any appropriate changes.

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