Thursday, 17 February 2011

Poster Development 5

After receiving feedback on my last poster that my poster needed more white on it, I decided that I was going to incorporate a little white into my poster as if I used too much white, then my text at the bottom wouldnt stand out, and if I didnt use enough, then the text would look odd.

I have added a white outline to my text 'BoysBoysBoys' so that it stands out against the grey background. I personally feel that this thin white outline has incorporated the white a little more, and also makes the poster look more professional. I have also put a purple glow around the text at the bottom of my poster, so that it ties in with the purple colour scheme.


Amy Pass- Your poster, to me still seems to not draw my eye to the name of the artist. However, I do feel that your white outline around the song name has made a positive difference. It now looks more attractive and also incorporates more white into your poster.

Alex Machin- The purple glow around the date has made it appear more like a part of the poster now, due to the glow and the actresses dress being the same colour. Due to your purple glow and white text being on a black background, it really stand out and is eye catching. However, I feel that your song name could be bigger to draw more attention.

Rachel Hilton- In order to improve  I would consider putting some sort of black outline around the artists name and I would also make the song title bigger, because then these two things will be what stands out to the audience.

Charlie Clarke- To me, the font at the top of the page doesn't stand out- I feel that this is what is letting the poster down.

Poster Development 4

After confirmation from my target audience that my chosen colour scheme was the correct choice, I have decided to continue with my further development of my poster. I have made the necessary changes that I received in my feedback and hopefully I have made the necessary changes that will therefore my product more appealing to my target audience.

I have made the font at the bottom of the poster white, so that it is easier to read. This was the main criticism that I received from my last poster. I will now seek feedback from my target audience to see what other changes I could make to my poster to enhance it further.


Amy Pass- Your poster looks much better now that the text at the bottom of the poster is white, as it contrasts against the image you have used. In order to improve your poster further, I would consider making all of your text stand out more.

Alex Machin- The font at the top of the poster now doesn't seem to stand out as much now that the font as the bottom is bright. Therefore I would consider some sort of outline or the background to be a block colour in order to make your artist name to stand out.

Rachel Hilton- I feel like more white needs to be incorporated into your poster now that your text is white. Having said that, too much white will make the text not stand out as much, I feel that your colours need to be mixed together more.

Megan Marlow- I feel that the poster still looks unprofessional due to the lack of outlines on your poster. I feel that if your texts were outlined, then it wold look more professional as the little details would draw more attention to your image and your text.

I will now make any necessary changes to my poster.

Colour Change?

After receiving feedback from my previous poster, I decided that I should see whether I made the right choice in changing my colour scheme. I have have mixed reviews about my colour scheme and therefore I decided to see whether my poster would have looked better if I had chosen a different colour.

Current Colour Scheme:

Colour Change One (Previous Colour Scheme):

I asked 20 people from my target audience to look at the different poster mock ups I have created and then to feedback on which colour I should choose as my final colour scheme. I am doing this because I changed my colour scheme previously, and I just wanted to ensure that I made the right choice in changing my colour scheme and if not, what colour my target audience would have preferred me to use.

The majority of people chose thought that my new colour scheme was the best colour scheme and that I made the right choice in changing it, the general reaction was that the colour was neither masculine nor feminine and therefore the song was ambiguous.

The colour scheme that came second was the red colour scheme. The feedback that this poster received was that the poster stood out and was very vibrant, and hence more eye catching. The colour scheme that received the worst feedback was the yellow colour scheme as it made my poster look dull.

Colour Change Two (Blue):

Colour Change Three (Red):                                                             

Colour Change Four (Yellow):

 Colour Change Five (Green):

Poster Development 2

My previous poster's lack of colour meant that it looked very dull and boring. Another problem was that my actress didn't stand out from the background and so I had to design a technique that would bring a little colour to my poster and also make my actress stand out.

After receiving feedback that my first poster had too much colour, and that my second colour had too little colour, I thought that it was best not to have my actress in colour, but instead just her dress to be in colour, to emphasise her femininity. Also, the font overlaps my actress and therefore, if she was in colour the font would be much harder to read.


Amy Pass- I really like how the dress is in colour as it emphasises the fact that she is female, and this contrasts the title of the song 'BoysBoysBoys'. I feel that the splash of colour has brightened up your poster and made it look more interesting. However, I do still feel that the font could stand out a bit more, especially the font that states the date.

Rachel Hilton- I think that by having the dress as a colour, you are drawing the audience's eye to the actress and therefore she stands out. The text at the bottom of the poster is hard to read, and therefore for a development I would consider making the font a different colour so that it is easier to read.

Alex Machin- I really like the colour that you have chosen for your poster. I feel that the dress is very eye catching, and therefore the actress stands out, even though she is the same colour as the background. I even like the fairy lights in the background of the image as it makes the poster look a little 'grubby', but I feel that this will appeal to a wider audience as her location, and therefore her are shown to be 'perfect'

Meg Marlow- I like the image used, even though she isn't smiling, she gives the poster a professional look, as I feel that if she looked too happy, then she may give the poster a cheesey look, that would not match your chosen song. For a development, I would consider changing the appearance of your text, as it can be quite difficult to read.

I will now take into consideration the feedback given and make any appropriate changes.

Poster Development 1

Following my trail of making a poster, and also listening to my target audience's main concerns on aspects such as the colour and my actresses 'red-eye' I decided to make the changes needed to hopefully make my poster appeal more to my audience.

I have decided through my own thoughts and through the feedback I received to change the colours used on my poster. My main idea was to make my poster black and white, to allow my font to stand out and be readable. I personally feel that this poster looks a lot better than the last one, however I do still feel that the poster is a long way from finished yet.


Amy Pass- I think the your poster looks a lot better now that it has been change to black and white, however, now I feel that your actress does not stand out and that she just blends into the background.

Rachel Hilton- The font stands out much better now, and I feel that it is now readable. However, like Amy says, the actress looks very washed out and I feel that the font and the actress should be the main focus, yet only the font is.

Alex Machin- The actresses dress is the same colour as the background, and therefore she doesn't stand out. The poster looks very boring and uninteresting, which does not reflect the upbeat style of your song. I think your actress needs to look more vibrant.

Sarah Hall- I feel like the black and white background has changed your poster for the better- the background is not distracting anymore and the font is much clearer to read. A little more colour would make the poster stand out more though, and make your poster look more eye catching.

I will now take the feedback I have received into account whilst developing my poster further and hopefully my target audience will find my poster more interesting and attractive

Thursday, 10 February 2011

First Attempt At A Poster

Following my initial poster ideas, I have decided to incorporate my chosen font and layout onto my chosen image for a flavour of what my poster will look like. I will then seek feedback on this poster to help me to further develop my poster.


Amy Pass- I feel that the colour of the poster is very dim and that the colours in the background make the font appear dull and therefore they do not stand out. However, I do like the chosen image and I feel that the poster has potential to be lots better.

Rachel Hilton- I like the image used, however I feel that the poster looks very amateur due to the actress having 'red-eye' and the dullness of the colours. I think that in order to improve, you should try having the poster in black and white.

Alex Machin- For me, the poster is very bland and boring. However I do like your chosen image. The date that is stated at the bottom of your poster is very hard to read and therefore I feel that in order for it to stand out, you should consider changing the colour of it.

Sarah Hall- I feel that with a little development, mainly in the colour area, this poster could be good as the image is very striking and eye catching, although in its current state it looks very bland. The actresses red eye definitely needs to be removed as this makes your poster look very unprofessional.

I will take into account the feedback given and I will now make any necessary changes that my target audience and myself feel would make my poster better.

Chosen Image

I have decided that my chosen image should feature my actress in a relaxed, yet obvious pose.
After comparing my images and deliberating which image portrays my actress in the way in which I want her to be viewed, I have finally decided on an image which I feel will suit the genre and style of my song.

This is my chosen image. I plan on cropping out the area of background, such as the doors, plugs and folders so that my poster will look more professional.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Poster Images

I decided to take a number of different shots for my poster so that I had a selection to choose from.

Here are a few of the pictures I took-

I decided to have a brick background on my images, to give an unconventional twist on my "pop" genre. By having a brick wall I have give my music a "grimy" look and therefore gives the impression that my actress shouldn't be seen as girly, thus appealing to a wider audience. The fairy lights in the background however, emphasise that there is an element of femininity to my song and also the lights make the wall look more interesting, instead of them being plain.

Monday, 7 February 2011


After contemplating outfit choices with my actress, I have come to the conclusion that in order for my products to compliment each other, I need to change my colour scheme so that it matches my actress's dress. By changing the colour scheme to match  my chosen outfits, I am allowing all of my products to be uniform and therefore will enable my products to look more professional. Therefore I have decided that the best option for me would be to alter the colour scheme so that it matches my actresses dress, because trying to find a dress that would exactly match my colour scheme.

Consequently, I have changed my colour scheme to the following:

The colour scheme is not drastically different, however there is a noticeable change. Instead of having a lighter, pinky purple, I have changed this colour for a darker, blue/ purple to give the colour scheme a more sophisticated look as the pink appears very vibrant and colourful. Also, the new darker purple also shows that there is a darker element to the song, despite it being a lively, upbeat song.


I met up with my actress to put together clothing that I feel would suit my video.
I tried to choose outfits that complimented my colour scheme.

This is the outfit that I have decided that my actress should wear. This is because it is a casual dress, which links to the feel of the song. The dress is a purple/blue and this links to the song as the blue represents masculinity, such as in the title "Boys Boys Boys" and the purple is conventionally used to represent knowledge, showing that she knows a lot about boys, or according to my storyline, that she in fact, knows nothing about them and just pretends that she can understand them.

My actress will also be wearing black leggings underneath this dress to give it a more relaxed and teenage look, thus appealing to my target audience. I have also decided that it would be best if my actresses hair was down and not too complicated, so that my actress is fully portrayed as an average teenager.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Poster Mock Up Two

After receiving feedback from my previous poster mock up, I sought to make any appropriate changes. However, some feedback was to include the background of the image as the background of the poster, however, as I do not yet have the image I will be using, I am unable to what the background of the image will look like. For this mock up, I have left the background white so that the target audience is able to see how the font will look as there is no distractions from the presence of images.


Amy Pass- The poster still seems very plain and basic. I feel that the poster looks very unprofessional and boring. However, in saying that, I think that once you have photos instead of making your own picture of the actress then it will look at lot better.

Rachel Hilton- I prefer this poster to the last one. I think by having the actress not in the centre has a good effect on the poster as it looks a little more unconventional. Also, this poster has more information on it, such as the artist name, whereas the last one didn't.

Alex Machin- The poster will look a lot better when a photograph can be used. However, I think that the heart looks very "handmade" and is not an accurate heart shape. In my opinion, I think that if you are going to feature a heart on your poster then ensure that it is an accurate and professional looking one. Although, depending on the outfit that the actress wears depends on whether or not I would use it.

Meg Marlow- I really like the font, as it brings a youthful aspect to the product. However, I do feel that this poster is very basic and simple and that a phtograph needs to be used.
I will take into consideration the feedback given and make any necessary changes that me and my target audience feel necessary.

Poster Mock Up One

I have decided to create a number of mock-ups of the promotional poster for my music video. I feel that by creating a number of mock ups, I can find out what style my target audience prefer and also feedback will allow me to make any necessary changes.

On my actual poster I will not use a face created in paint, instead I will photograph my actress. However, I decided that it would be a waste of time to take photos of my actress before I had any ideas on what I was doing. Therefore for my initial ideas I will use drawings.


Amy Pass: I like the font and how the font behind looks like a shadow. However, I think you should think about the background as it looks very plain, maybe you could incorporate some relative images.

Rachel Hilton: I think that the image of the actress should be a long shot and that she should be wearing clothes that matches the colour scheme, therefore allowing an obvious connection between the image and the font.

Alex Machin: I think that the actress should not simply be looking into the camera, I personally feel that she could be pulling some sort of pose that portrays the flirty aspect of the song.

Sarah Hall: As you will be filming the video in a bedroom, I think that you should photograph the actress in one of the particular scenes, and include the background of the room where you film in the photo so that it is clear that this song relates to the poster.

I will now create another mock up, taking into consideration the feedback given.