Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Font Ideas

In order to make my products look professional, I need to ensure that my chosen font for my products emphasise the feel and genre of the song, whilst also appealing to my target audience. In order to get an idea of the style of font I should be using, I will choose different types of font from and conduct a survey on my target audience to see what style they prefer. As I am a member of my own target audience, I will first choose the fonts that I prefer first and then allow my target audience to choose which they prefer and from their feedback I will decide whether to find a new font, use one of the fonts I have chosen below or to get a similar font to the one I already have.

Font One- 'Gloria Hallelujah'

Font Two- 'New Garden'

Font Three- 'Pointy'

Font Four- 'Sweetie Pie'

Font Five- 'Sketch Block'

I will now conduct a survey on my target audience to see which font style they prefer and whether or not I should use one of the fonts that I have already selected or whether I should look for a similar font. Alternatively, as this is based on my own personal preference and opinion, I may be very wrong in what my target audience is looking for and therefore I may receive highly negative feedback and start looking for a new style of font.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Actors/ Actresses

I have decided that I will need a female actress, as the song is sung by a female and therefore, I will give the video a serious and conventional aspect. The female I will be using for my main singer will be Charlie Clarke.

Charlie Clarke

As my video will follow a storyline structure, Charlie will be my singer and she will also take on the role of the main character.

As the song is about boys and my storyline features a male, I decided that I will need a male actor. I therefore had to find someone whose schedule was similar to my own, and also someone who was willing.
The actor I have found who will be playing the role of 'the Boy' will be Lance Boden.

Lance Boden

Lance will be taking up the role of the boy that my main singer will be obsessing over. He will, in the end though be discovered as the "bad guy" in the relationship.

In order for "the Boy" to be discovered as a "bad guy" and a cheat, I will need another female actress in order to show the audience that the male character is cheating. I have decided to give this role to Hannah Stubbs.

Hannah Stubbs

Hannah will be taking the role of the female that the male character is trying to pursue a relationship with behind the main characters back.

I have decided that these actors will be best in my video due to us all having a similar schedule and us all living near each other. These factors will enable the maximum time to film as we will not need to travel far to meet up with each other.


Due to the genre of my video, I will need a location that has a lot of light, to ensure that my audience will be able to see, and yet I do not want my lighting too harsh due to the feel of the song, hence I have decided that the best option for me would be to shoot my video inside. The possible locations I am considering are:

My bedroom- it is an area that I know well and therefore I can judge the dimensions of it and work out how many people I can fit inside at one time. Also, with it being my own bedroom, I know that any equipment I use will not be moved and therefore I can film at different times and I will not need to film my video all at once. Also, I would not mind if my bedroom became a mess and because of this, I can use props that may make my room a mess.

My living room- it is a large space and the lighting matches my criteria. Also, as it is in my own home, it will be easy for me and my actresses to access. I think that having a number of locations will be the best idea for my video as then there will be variety, which will keep my video interesting.

A Classroom- the lighting would be ideal and there is a lot of room for me to set up the tripod and camera. However, if I were to choose this location, I would be restricting myself to only being able to work during the school day, yet to shoot a video about boys and love in a school would be unconventional.

Outside- I could film outside because the natural light would compliment my song as it is bright and lively. If I filmed outdoors, I would not be limited to a certain set space and I would be free to have as much room as I feel. Another benefit of filming outdoors would be that there is so many places that I could choose from. For example, if I chose to film on the local park there is a lot of objects and a range of scenery that I could use to my advantage. The disadvantage to me filming outside would be that I am not guaranteed constant lighting and therefore I would need to film all that I needed in one day.


Windows Movie Maker

Detailed Storyboard

Picture of storyboard with brief explanation.


picture of storyboard

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why Do I Need A Storyboard?

I will construct a storyboard as it will allow me to think seriously about what will happen in my music video. My storyboard will be a still representation and visualisation of what will appear in my video, storyboards are chronological and therefore are a simplified, basic version of what my finished project will be like. The benefit of using storyboards is that I can plan my video scene for scene, thus I will know exactly what I am doing and what I am creating. Another benefit of using storyboards is that if I feel that a particular scene does not fit in with either my song or the rest of my video then I can change it, or ask my target audience for feedback on what they believe is missing from my video.

Monday, 4 October 2010


After pitching my ideas to the target audience for my music video and recieving feedback, I have decided that the best option for my music video would be my initial idea. I pitched a number of ideas to my target audience and I was considering an animation video, but, due to my lack of artistic ability I have decided that the best way for me to make my video to look authentic would be to film. I now need to decide on actors and actresses and the storyline of my video, or even if I decide to have a storyline at all. In order for my project to be successful I need to think practically about what mise-en-scene and camera shots would be realistic for my genre and also what I can practically achieve. After allowing people from my target audience to hear my chosen song, I have decided that this was indeed the best song for me to choose due to most of the female teenagers enjoying it and saying that they enjoyed the beat and tune.