Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shooting Plan

Due to christmas, all of my actors schedules have been full and we have been unable to meet at times that would suit all of us, myself included and so instead of shooting when I had hoped, I have had to plan shooting for another time. As the video will be shot using artficial light, the time of day is not important and as a result I can film as soon as possible at any time.

In the meantime however, I have been constructing basic initial plans for my other products, however, they are missing images as I will take photos on the day of the video to ensure that there is an obvious link between my media products.

New Idea

Instead of trying to be unconventional, I feel that it will be easier yet still effective if I take a more conventional approach to my media video. My initial idea was to feature all females in my music video, however, after much deliberation I feel that it may be difficult for me to make a female look like a convincing male and not just a butch female. Therefore, after asking around I have found myself a male actor, Lance Boden. He will take up the role of the male in my music video and therefore me and my actors will need to work out a time which will fit all of our schedules.