Monday, 14 March 2011

CD Cover Front 2

After receiving feedback for my previous CD cover, I decided that I needed to experiment with different layouts, therefore for this front cover I have moved around the components of my CD cover.

I moved the title of the song into the top left corner, and moved the artists name into the bottom right. This movement has changed my CD Front Cover from conventional to unconventional, as the artist is usually seen at the top.

I will now seek feedback from my target audience to see what they think of my CD cover and what they can suggest will make it better.


Amy Pass- As I said before, I do like the image used, and I also like the colour scheme. I do think that the artist's name looks better now that it is smaller, although I am not too sure on the layout. I think that the artist's name would look better at the top.

Alex Machin- The artists name looks better at the top as the rest of your products are conventional and this CD cover isn't therefore, to improve uniformity I would make your "Lady GaGa" at the top of the CD cover so that that is the first thing that catches your audience's eye.

Rachel Hilton- I like how the song title is more central, instead of being in a long line, as it was in your previous CD cover. However, I do agree with the other comments and that your song title would look better at the bottom.

Meg Marlow- I think that this CD cover would look better if it was made more conventional as it seems too 'odd' to be unconventional and just looks strange to an extent

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