Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Cd Cover Back 1

As I made a CD cover front, I needed to make a CD cover back. In order to make my products uniform, I decided to use a similar picture so that it is obvious that my CD front and back look consistant. I decided to use an image that featured my actress to one side, to ensure that there was enough room for my text. Also, I made the glows alternate between black and white so that my colour scheme and image really link. I will now seek feedback from my target audience to see what they believe I can do to improve my products further.

Becky Mahan- I really like the colour scheme and how the purple writing links in with the top but I cant really read the words that have a black glow which means that it wouldnt stand out and catch the audience's eye. The picture and the background are really nice and link in well with the back of the cd and the front of the cd.

Meg Marlow- I really like the white glow around the writing as it makes stand out and will catch the audiences eye over the other products on the shelf. I feel that the picture is bright and the main thing on the CD. I dont like the purple and black writing as I cant see it.

Amy Pass- I think that the background is nice and looks good with the picture on. This gives the picture more edge and it is more interesting then the background being plain. The purple writing and white glow goes really well and the picture and the writing link together. This will also link with the other products.

Rachel Hilton- I think that it is really cool and the colours link really well. The layout of the CD back cover makes a boarder around the picture which means the picture stands out more. However, I feel that all the text should be the same so that the all catch the eye together. This is because some text catches the eye easier than the other.

Cate Triner- I really like the back cover. I feel that is intriguing and makes you want to buy the album. Looking at the other products it links in well as the colours all link together. On the other hand some of the words are hard to read and the black glow should be changed.

I will take into account the feedback from my target audience and make the changes in which my target audience have suggested.

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