Sunday, 13 March 2011

CD Cover Front 1

In order for my products to look uniform, I have decided to use the same image that is on my poster. This will allow my audience to see that the two products are linked and the poster obviously is advetising the CD.


Amy Pass- I like how you have used the same image that you used on your poster. However, I feel that the poster is too basic and that the font is too big, and therefore makes the CD cover look even more bare because it looks like you have tried to hide it.

Alex Machin- CD covers are conventionally quite bare, as there is not much that are usually included, however I feel that your CD cover is trying to look as though it is not bare, when really it is.

Megan Marlow- I would make the artists name smaller as I feel that it is too big in comparison to the rest of the CD cover.

Charlie Clarke- This CD cover looks very unprofessional and not very well thought out. I would think about rearranging your CD cover to find the best combination of size and layout.

Rachel Hilton- In comparison to your poster, this CD cover is very bare. However, bare is not always a bad thing. I just feel that you need to rethink your sizing of text.

I completely agree with this feedback and I will make any changes that are necessary.

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