Tuesday, 15 March 2011

CD Cover Back 2

After receiving feedback that my purple writing with a black glow was unreadable, I decided to change all of the glow colours to white. I also added numbers in front of all my track names to make my CD back more authentic and realistic.

Amy Pass- I like the back of your CD case, however I think that in order for your CD case to look more authentic, it needs a barcode as it will look more professional. Also, your text could all be the same size as it will look more professional.

Becky Mahan- In order to improve the back of your CD case, your could make all of your song names the same size as this will make it more professional and also more appealing to your target audience.

Alex Machin- I really like your image and also the colours and I think that your text looks much better now that it is all white. However, in order to improve I think that your should add legal information, such as a barcode.

Meg Marlow- I think that it would look better if all of your text was the same size  as it would make your CD cover look more uniform.

I will take into account the feedback of my target audience and make any suitable changes. 

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