Tuesday, 15 March 2011

CD Cover Back 3

I took into account the feedback given to me by my target audience and hopefully I have met their requirements and they now find my CD case more aesthetically pleasing and more professional.


Becky Mahan- I like how the song names appear like a frame around the actress. I also like how the song titles are all the same size, it makes your CD case look professional.

Amy Pass- I like the font, colour scheme and the barcode in the corner. I like how the barcode is not white and blends into your colour scheme and background.

Alex Machin- I like your CD cover, I like how it looks good on its own, but that it also looks similar, yet different from your other products.

Meg Marlow- The glow around your text makes it very easy to read and it also makes it stand out. I like the barcode, how it is obviously there, but is not stealing any attention away from the main image nor the song titles.

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